Take a Fancy Vacation When You Win $12,000!!

What would you do if you won $12,000?? The opportunities are endless—take a lavish vacation, pay off loans or debt, or put that money towards a new car or house.  But let’s say that you want to plan a lavish vacation somewhere and take a week off of work and just go somewhere to relax.  What would be your destination of choice?  Somewhere in the Caribbean?  Or Europe?  Or maybe somewhere like Hawaii?

I would personally choose Hawaii… Imagine you’re taking a trip to Hawaii with the money you just won.  Let’s start with the flight to one of the islands.  You’ve just won $12,000, so why not fly First Class for once?  It’s an experience that you just have to try.  Get free drinks, nice food, and luxurious seats that you can stretch out in.

When you get to Hawaii, stay at a beautiful fancy resort.  Book a suite with a king-size bed and all the best amenities that could possibly be provided.  Order room service all the time and have food and drinks be brought up to you whenever you want!  You’ll be right on the beach and just steps away from the ocean!  Go down to the pool or the beach during the day and bask in the beautiful sun and warm water.

Furthermore, don’t forget to watch the amazingly beautiful sunset over the ocean in the evening!  It’s a breathtaking site you just won’t want to miss.


Just as well, don’t forget to book fun adventures while you’re there!  Go zip lining through the rain forests and over water falls.  Go scuba diving or snorkeling and see all the beautiful fish and sea life.  And take a boat ride, or rent a boat, and go sail out in the ocean and around the islands! 

You can do all of this on a fancy, lavish vacation when you win $12,000!  Start planning now and take a trip to the destination of your dreams, and travel in style!