Train Harder with Nike

Adrenaline rushes through your veins, your heart beat thunders across your body, and your eyes are trained and focused ahead.  You cross that finish line and erupt in excitement, it feels so good to finish that race.

Training for a race, a competition or your favorite sport requires intensity, focus, determination and strength.  You put in hours of hard work and practice, visualizing crossing that finish line and winning that medal or game.  You train harder than you’ve ever trained before, pushing yourself to new limits, finding strength in yourself that you didn’t even know you had.

But you’ll need the right tools to help you reach your goal: the right training gear, clothes, shoes and equipment.  That’s where Nike comes in.


Nike will get you the perfect gear to help you reach and excel through your goals.  The right shoes that will make you faster, with lighter material for more speed to win the race.  Try the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit shoe for a lightweight feel with support, flexibility and comfort to increase your speed and stability.

You’ll need the best clothes to fit your body perfectly for comfort through your competition and every sport.  Nike’s flexible and breathable shirts, training and compression shorts will give you more smooth movements while keeping you cool and comfortable for an unparalleled work out.

You’ll also need the best training gear and equipment to make you stronger and tougher like training belts, mats, race vests, speed ladders, foam rollers, gloves, and the Apple Nike running watch to track your performance.

Training to be a champion will require patience, fuel and energy.  You put in time and effort to practice harder and push yourself further.  Your sleep is essential, the right food to fuel your body is necessary, and the right gear to help you be your best is important.

Shop Nike today and start training to be stronger than ever.  Visualize that finish line and medal, and with the right gear, you can be better than your best.

train with nike

Get Healthy with Thrive Market

As the summer heats up, we cool off at barbeques and pool parties.  Delicious food and drinks every weekend, and admittedly, sometimes we work out less because it’s just so hot outside.  And as much as we love hamburgers, endless chips and dip, and drinks, we should put some healthy food in there somewhere.  With Thrive Market, we can get thousands of healthy and organic options for food, health and home products!

Spruce up your diet and meals with healthy, organic and non-GMO food.  Try Thrive Market’s coconut oil or almond butter, or their Primal Kitchen Mayo with avocado oil.  They have thousands of different kinds of organic and natural granola bars, cereal, desserts, nut butters, drinks, superfoods and more.

They also have delicious and healthy foods for kids too, like the Clif Kid Organic Fruit Rope or Fruit Snacks with no artificial flavors and all organic natural fruit.  Try their natural and organic products for kids like body wash, diapers, wipes and children’s vitamins.

In addition, they have a wide variety of beauty and body products like aromatherapy and essential oils, organic makeup, soaps, and facial and hair products.  They even have items for your home like yoga mats, bedding, appliances and garden supplies.  You name it!

Thrive Market keeps their prices low by cutting out the middle man so you save money off the retail price.  They have free shipping on orders and it ships in two days or less to your door.  They make ordering easy and you can order online or even on your phone through the app!

So, don’t feel bad now about eating so much food at all the barbeques and parties this summer.  With all the organic and natural food and meals you’ll be able to make, you’ll have delicious and healthy food to eat all the time!

Make Your Work Better with the New iPad Pro

Faster. Sleeker. Better. More powerful. The new iPad Pro is here.

Every year, technology gets more advanced and companies debut their newest products.  New innovative products with faster speed, better processing technology and a cooler design.  Each product is better than the version before it, and more unique than the competition.  There are more options to choose from for consumers, and sometimes it just seems like there are too many options that are all too alike.

We use technology every day—cellphones, cameras, laptops, computers.  Sometimes we sit at a desk working on a computer, but other times, we need to be on the go and it can be difficult to take our laptop or computer with us.  You need a big enough bag to carry your laptop, and somewhere with a desk to set it down.

But now with the new iPad Pro, you can take your work with you anywhere.  It is thinner and more lightweight so it’s even easier to work on the go.  It has a bigger and brighter screen for better visuals and colors, longer battery life, and faster speed to work on multiple apps and large projects at once.  If you like to draw or design, you can have unparalleled precision using the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro as you can write and draw with perfection.

Make work faster and easier with the new iPad Pro and take it with you wherever you go.  Get the Smart Keyboard to go with it for even easier typing, and it folds to create a smooth cover for the iPad when you’re done.  Weighing just one pound, the new iPad Pro is lightweight, easy to use and with amazing design and outstanding new technological features.  Get the iPad Pro now and make all of your work that much better.