She Deserves a Shopping Spree!

We all can see how hard the woman in our life works.  Whether it’s your wife and mother of your children, or your mom, aunt or woman in your life, she needs a break.  She deserves a shopping spree, to be pampered, and taken out for a relaxing time.  She deserves a break from working, cooking, cleaning and everything else that needs to be done around the house.  So, win $5000 and treat her to a huge shopping spree!

Every woman needs a new purse to keep her life stored in.  A purse is one of the most valuable things a woman can carry, and she usually always has everything she could need in it.  She’ll keep things for her kids like snacks, toys, tissues and more.  Or, she’ll keep important paperwork and files in her purse for her stressful job.  Either way, she needs a purse that she can fit everything in, is easy to carry, comfortable, and looks fashionable and great.  Buy her a brand-name purse that she will love, like Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and more!  She’ll love being able to fit everything she needs in her new purse!


Similarly, get some new shoes to match that purse!  Maybe she needs some new comfortable shoes, or cute new heels, but a woman can never have too many shoes!  Furthermore, get some matching jewelry to go with it to make her feel beautiful!  She will love wearing new gorgeous earrings, necklaces or bracelets that you got her.  And don’t forget some amazing new designer clothes as well to make her feel special!

So, ladies—whether this shopping spree is for yourself, or men—whether this shopping spree is for the woman in your life, get a new wardrobe and more to de-stress from all that hard work!  Take advantage of this $5000 luxury designer shopping spree that you deserve!





Take a Trip to Las Vegas!!

Have you ever wanted to go to Las Vegas?  The City of Lights!  Sin City!  Plan your vacation now because you can take a trip for two to Las Vegas!

Plan your trip now and test your luck playing poker and gambling!  Go to casinos during the day and night and spend hours playing tons of slot machines too.  Try different games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and more!  Hone your card game skills and try to win the jackpot and money wherever you can!  There are huge jackpots you could win, and smaller amounts you can also win playing card games or the slot machines!  Try all of them!

Or relax during the day at the pools with your favorite drinks and food brought right out to you!  Or spend time at the day clubs dancing to music by the pools and having a ton of fun!  Then spend your evenings at clubs, bars or fun parties dancing some more!

las vegas

And don’t forget to see a show or two while you’re there!  You can see amazing music concerts, comedy shows, magic shows and more.  And don’t miss the incredible Cirque du Soleil with breathtaking acrobatics.

Stay at an amazing hotel like Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, the Mirage, the Paris hotel and so many more!  Go shopping at the fancy stores at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace or in the Miracle Mile shopping center in Planet Hollywood.  

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, the opportunities are endless!  Parties, shopping, great food and buffets, and so much money you could win playing poker and slot machines!  Don’t miss this amazing chance to take a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada!  You might just win the jack pot and have the time of your life!

win las vegas trip

Calling All Baseball Fans!

Are you a baseball fan?  Do you love going to baseball games and cheering on your favorite team?  And let’s not forget that delicious baseball stadium food like garlic fries and hot dogs.  Do you watch every game on television and then catch the highlights on ESPN afterwards?  And do you follow the spring training and get excited every year for spring because baseball returns?  Do you wear your favorite team’s hat and matching t-shirt?  What if you won free tickets to see your team play?  Well now you can!

Imagine cheering on your favorite team at their home field!  Getting amazing seats to see the players you love and watching them win the game.  Who’s your favorite team?  Is it the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs or maybe the Kansas City Royals?  Or maybe it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers on their hot streak!  Whoever your favorite team is, you could see them play at their stadium!

baseball stadium

Furthermore, even more exciting than watching your team play is doing so while wearing a professional jersey!  Not only could you win tickets to the game, but you could also win two professional MLB jerseys of your favorite team!  And if you have a favorite player, get that jersey with their name on the back!

Sit in amazing seats to see your favorite team play while wearing your favorite player’s jersey.  Watch players hit home runs, bases stolen and amazing outfield catches.  Sing “Take me out to the ball game” during the 7th inning stretch.  And eat some of the best baseball game food there is — the garlic fries, hot dogs, churros and peanuts.

So, enter now and you could be at an MLB game of your choice!


Cash vs. Credit Card

Do you prefer to use cash or a credit card?  Is one easier to use than the other?  If you won $500 cash, would you save it or would you immediately spend it?

Sometimes, people prefer to use cash, and other times a credit card is easier, probably for bigger purchases.  However, there are some pros and cons of using cash instead of credit or debit cards.


  • With cash, there is a limit to how much you can buy, whereas a credit or debit card you can spend a lot more.
  • Cash can get bulky in your wallet and loose change can be annoying.
  • If you don’t have self-control, you can spend all of your cash very quickly.



  • You probably won’t spend as much as you would with a credit card, so using cash limits over-spending.
  • Cash is really convenient to use.  We all love those “Girl Scouts cookies” in front of stores, and cash is the easiest and quickest way to pay.
  • There’s no interest associated with a purchase.  When you put something on a credit card and don’t make a minimum monthly payment, you’ll pay interest.  But if you use cash, you pay for the entire product right there and then, so you don’t have to worry about paying it off!
  • Cash can be used as a bargaining chip sometimes to get a better deal.  At some places, if you can pay with cash instead of a credit card, you might be able to get a discount.
  • The feeling of having cash is a powerful feeling.  Yes, you have money on your debit card or can put a purchase on your credit card.  But having cash to spend on anything you want and not have to worry about paying it off is a much better feeling!

So, using cash might be better or easier than a credit card sometimes. And if you win $500 cash, you can see for yourself which is better!


What Would You Do With $150,000??

What would you do if you won $150,000?  You can buy anything that you want, for yourself or your friends and family too!  Your life could change completely with winning $150,000, and here are some ideas of what to spend your money on.

You can put your money towards buying a new house!  Whether it’s a new house, condominium or apartment, you can put some money towards it and the mortgage.  Or, you can pay off a mortgage that you currently have.  You can also put your money towards redoing your home.  Decorate your home, redo your backyard and put in a pool or hot tub, or even install a home movie theatre!


Similarly, you can buy a new car.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to drive a Porsche, or a new pickup truck, well now you can! You can even buy a car for your kids for when they start driving, or buy an RV and take road trips with your family across the country!

You can also use your money to pay off loans that you might have.  Pay off a mortgage, loans or credit card debt.

Furthermore, you can buy an entire new wardrobe for yourself and your family.  This is great because you’ll still have plenty of money left over to spend on other items too.  You can get some new clothes, shoes, and accessories to match with your newly decorated house or car!  Or perhaps give some of your money to your parents or family to help them pay off any loans or debt that they might have.

And put some of your money towards a new vacation!  Do you have a place that you’ve always wanted to go on a vacation to? Like the Bahamas or Europe?  Well, now is that time!

You have so much that you can spend $150,000 on if you win, so start thinking about it today and planning for your future!


Cheer on Your Favorite Sports Team in Style!

Do you love sports?  Watching it, playing it, cheering on your favorite teams!  Baseball, football, basketball and soccer—who’s your favorite team?  You’re a dedicated and loyal fan to your team, and you wake up early to catch every game on TV or go to the stadium and cheer your team on from the sidelines.  You stay up to date on game scores, schedules and player statistics, both during the season and off-season.  And that’s why you need Nike to supply you with all of the best fan gear like t-shirts, hats and more for your favorite teams!

We’re right in the middle of baseball season, who’s your favorite team?  Is it the Houston Astros?  The Texas Rangers?  The Los Angeles Dodgers?  With 162 games in the regular season, you will need some fan gear to keep up with all the games.  At Nike, you can get your favorite team jerseys, or t-shirts and matching hats.  Wear these on game days, or any day that you want to represent your team.


Similarly, it’s almost football season, and the fantasy football drafts are starting.  Who’s your favorite football team—for college and the NFL?  The Dallas Cowboys?  The Atlanta Falcons?  The Philadelphia Eagles?  The Green Bay Packers?  Stay up to date with the Nike+ app for all the statistics on the best players and their tips.  Get your favorite team jerseys, jackets, hats, pants and more.  Get a professional NFL jersey for your team with your favorite player’s name on it!

So, shop Nike and get your fan gear for your favorite sports team for college and professional football, baseball and soccer.  Now you can watch your team play while wearing a matching jersey with your favorite player!  Wear head to toe fan gear from Nike for every game so you can cheer your team on in style!


Wake Up Energized with Starbucks

Sleep.  The all-important sleep that seems to get away from us too often.  We go to sleep too late, wake up too early, and we just miss the sleep we need.  We wake up tired, exhausted and cranky.  Then we have to get ready for work, school, and maybe get our kids ready for school which is nearly impossible sometimes.  But fear not, Starbucks is here to save the day and perk you up with some energy that you desperately need!

Make your mornings easier with some much-needed coffee from Starbucks.  Try their espresso shots or espresso dark roast coffee for a wonderful boost of energy.  Feel the caffeine energize you as you can now tackle all of the items on your to-do lists.  Go to work excited and accomplish all of your tasks, get your kids ready for school in record-speed time, and all with a smile on your face!

Try the ice coffee packets that you can easily put into your water while you’re on-the-go!  These delicious boosts of caffeinated energy that you can easily keep with you and use when you need a pick-me-up.  Try the blonde roast coffee if you like a lighter brew coffee but with just as much caffeine.  Or try the delicious mochas, lattes or blended Frappuccino drinks for some extra sweetness!

starbucks frappuccino-energy

Have these tasty drinks in the morning, afternoon and evening to satisfy your sugar cravings and give you that boost of energy.  Don’t have time for an afternoon nap?  Just have a cup of coffee or latte and continue on with your day!  And on those really hot summer days, cool off with an iced tea or cold brew iced coffee.

So, the next time you wake up tired and are dreading all of the things you have to do that day, just grab your Starbucks coffee and you’ll have all the energy you need.  Get free samples of your favorite Starbucks drinks today!


Get a Home Makeover Today!

What would you do if you won a $150,000 home makeover?  How would you decorate your home with all of your new money?

Well, the first step would be to pick which room you would want to start with.  You can easily decorate all of the rooms in your home—the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  You might even have some money left over to redo your backyard and patio!

Spruce up your living room with some new comfortable couches, maybe even the reclining ones with a foot rest and cup holders!  Get a matching coffee table with fun decorations on it to add some color to your room.  Then you can get a nice TV stand or cabinet with places to put all your DVDs and video games while the huge new TV you get will sit right on top!


Then move on to the kitchen and get some fancy new appliances.  Matching plates and cups, a new coffee maker, toaster and microwave.  You could even redo the cabinets and countertops to a beautiful marble or granite.  And you can paint the kitchen and living room bright and beautiful colors to match all the new furniture!

Furthermore, in your bedroom you can get a new, big bed.  Get a comfortable mattress, a ton of pillows, and some soft blankets.  You can get a new dresser or table to go with your new bed, and maybe even a fuzzy rug for the floor!  And don’t forget some art to hang on the walls!

And lastly, decorate your bathroom with some new shower curtains or maybe paint the walls a fun color!  Get some new soap dispenser and colorful towels to match!

With $150,000 for an amazing home makeover, you’ll be able to redecorate your entire house just the way you imagine it!


Shopping Online vs. In-Store

Everybody loves shopping!  Shopping is made simple nowadays with apps that you can shop from on your phone, tablet or website online. You hardly need to go in to the store anymore.  But still, there are malls and retail stores all over.  So, what’s the real difference between online shopping and in-store?

When you shop in-store, you can see the clothes you want to buy.  You can try them on, see how the clothes look on you, the color, the material, the actual sensation.  You can try on different sizes or colors of the same item, and then decide on an entirely different piece of clothing.  When you enter in a store, you are usually greeted immediately by a friendly, smiling employee.  If you need help finding something, they are usually right there to help you.  Furthermore, when shopping in-store, you don’t have to wait for the item to be shipped to you—you can take that item home with you right there and then. 

shopping store

However, online shopping is very different, but can be more convenient for some people.  You can shop online at all hours of the day, not just when the store is open.  You can compare item prices from other stores, save items to a wish list, and see recommended items that you might not easily find in a store without walking around for hours.  Shopping online is also preferable sometimes because products aren’t usually out of stock.  While a store might have run out of a product, you can find that item online and have that sent to you. Especially nowadays where the deliver times have been reduced to just a few days. 

So, while both shopping online and in-store have their perks, any gift card that you have will work at both places!  If you prefer to try your clothes on in-store or buy them online at any hour of the day, you can always use your gift card either way!

shopping-kohls store


Why People Love Fast Cars

Imagine pulling up somewhere in a new car.  Your favorite car, your dream car… and you’re now driving it.  Breathe in the new car smell, the clean leather, the smooth ride.  You get out of your new car and see people glancing your way, checking out your new, beautiful car.  Envious and jealous, they wish they had your luck.

Sometimes, people see their car as an extension of themselves.  They take care of it, wash it, clean it, make sure it’s always tuned up and running smoothly.  So, it makes sense that you want your car to look nice since it represents you.  People can see the care and attention you put into your car, and appreciate your amazing taste. 

dream car mercedes

Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, and Bentley are some of the amazing brands that your new car could be.  It’s exhilarating, going fast out on the road.  Feeling the car hum and the engine road as you speed along the road; it’s thrilling!  It’s empowering, fun, bold, loud and dangerous. 

dream car ferrari

Why settle for a normal car, when your dream car is calling you to drive it?  So, answer its call, and chase your dreams, in your favorite car!

win dream car