Is the New iPhone X the Best iPhone Yet?

On September 12th, 2017, Apple announced the one-of-a-kind new iPhone X.  With new technology, enhanced features and exquisite design, this new phone rivals all the other iPhones.  So, what is so great about the new iPhone X that it’s better than all the phones before it?

Let’s start with the display.  There is an edge-to-edge display screen, 5.8 inches of dazzling screen that fills the front of the phone.  It follows the curved edges of the phone for an elegant design, with bright and vibrant colors and increased brightness.  All your pictures, videos and shows will look exceptional with the beautiful colors.

Also, the technology in the new iPhone X is sophisticated and better than all the other iPhones.  You can unlock your phone with Facial Recognition, and you can use your Face ID to pay with Apple Pay.

The cameras on this new phone are magnificent.  If you want to take a selfie, you can blur the background and have a sharper and clearer portrait image.  Furthermore, the front and rear cameras have depth-sensing and enhanced lighting and effects for even better picture quality.

iphone x

With faster technology, you can multitask on different apps with even faster speed.  The battery lasts longer, and it even has wireless charging.  Get the AirPower charging mat and place your new iPhone X on the mat to charge.

Lastly, the iPhone X has the strongest glass screen out of all the other iPhones.  No more dropping your phone once and the screen cracks. The phone is also made of stainless-steel and is water resistant.

So, the new Apple iPhone X has better, faster, more enhanced technology than all the other iPhones before it.  Brighter visuals and colors, facial recognition and an exceptional camera make this phone an essential item that will enhance your life.  Pre-order it today, or enter to win it for FREE here!  Don’t wait in line or worry about cost, just play to win it now!


Why You WANT the New iPhone 8

Why do you need a new phone?  Your phone is probably getting a bit old, out of date, slower; or maybe your phone works perfectly well and is only a few years old.  So, why do you need a new one?  Well, maybe you don’t need a new phone, but you WANT one!

On September 12th, 2017, Apple announces the brand-new iPhone 8.  Following this announcement, pre-orders for the phone begin a week after, and then the phones go on sale the week after that.

What is so great about the new iPhone 8 though?  It’ll have a screen that fills up the entire front of the device.  So, the display and visuals will be even brighter and better.  You’ll also have facial recognition, so you can lock your screen and use facial recognition to unlock it.  Pretty cool, huh?


There might also be new updates to the Apple Watch.  Now when you wear your Apple Watch to go with your new iPhone, you’ll have a more seamless connection.  You will also have an amazing 3D front and back camera for even better picture quality.  

Apple is also going to be announcing a new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus which are upgrades to the current iPhone 7.

Furthermore, the iOS 11 will be debuting with these new phones as well, so even if you don’t get the new iPhone 8 right away, you’ll still be able to have the update.  The iOS 11 has a better design, Siri improvements and more!

So, while your phone may or may not be working just fine today, you might WANT the new iPhone 8 with all of its amazing enhancements and features.  The edge-to-edge screen is beautiful, and it’s faster and easier to use.  But don’t worry about the prices for this new phone, because you could win it instead!

iphone 8

Cheer on Your Favorite Sports Team in Style!

Do you love sports?  Watching it, playing it, cheering on your favorite teams!  Baseball, football, basketball and soccer—who’s your favorite team?  You’re a dedicated and loyal fan to your team, and you wake up early to catch every game on TV or go to the stadium and cheer your team on from the sidelines.  You stay up to date on game scores, schedules and player statistics, both during the season and off-season.  And that’s why you need Nike to supply you with all of the best fan gear like t-shirts, hats and more for your favorite teams!

We’re right in the middle of baseball season, who’s your favorite team?  Is it the Houston Astros?  The Texas Rangers?  The Los Angeles Dodgers?  With 162 games in the regular season, you will need some fan gear to keep up with all the games.  At Nike, you can get your favorite team jerseys, or t-shirts and matching hats.  Wear these on game days, or any day that you want to represent your team.


Similarly, it’s almost football season, and the fantasy football drafts are starting.  Who’s your favorite football team—for college and the NFL?  The Dallas Cowboys?  The Atlanta Falcons?  The Philadelphia Eagles?  The Green Bay Packers?  Stay up to date with the Nike+ app for all the statistics on the best players and their tips.  Get your favorite team jerseys, jackets, hats, pants and more.  Get a professional NFL jersey for your team with your favorite player’s name on it!

So, shop Nike and get your fan gear for your favorite sports team for college and professional football, baseball and soccer.  Now you can watch your team play while wearing a matching jersey with your favorite player!  Wear head to toe fan gear from Nike for every game so you can cheer your team on in style!


The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S8

Your life is filled with technology.  Cellphones, computers, televisions, everything is digital and technological.  But you can connect and talk with your friends and family at such a fast speed, all from your phone or computer.  Keep up to date on everyone’s lives and adventures, and post pictures and status updates of your life.  And it’s so easy to do all of this right from your phone.  And that’s why you need the phone with the fastest speed, brightest screen, camera and visuals: the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has the biggest display screen so that you can watch your favorite videos, face time your friends and family, and scroll through your favorite websites with the best visuals.  Check out your favorite shows on Netflix and watch them in HD with the best graphics.  Or browse the top entertainment or sports websites like TMZ or ESPN to keep up on the latest news.


Not only can you keep up with your favorite shows and news on the brightest and biggest screens, but you’ll do it with the fastest speed.  The Samsung S8 also lets you use two apps at once, like watching a video and texting your friends at the same time.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to take the best pictures with the highest quality that will make your social media even better.  Take beautiful pictures in low light, and the front-facing camera has enhanced features so you can take the best selfies.  Post amazing pictures to your profiles that will stun your friends!  With the crystal clear amazing camera and fantastic effects, you’ll have the best pictures.

So, get the Samsung Galaxy S8 today so you can keep up with your social media, friends, and family.  You’ll have faster speed, a bigger and brighter display screen, and the most amazing camera.


Wake Up Energized with Starbucks

Sleep.  The all-important sleep that seems to get away from us too often.  We go to sleep too late, wake up too early, and we just miss the sleep we need.  We wake up tired, exhausted and cranky.  Then we have to get ready for work, school, and maybe get our kids ready for school which is nearly impossible sometimes.  But fear not, Starbucks is here to save the day and perk you up with some energy that you desperately need!

Make your mornings easier with some much-needed coffee from Starbucks.  Try their espresso shots or espresso dark roast coffee for a wonderful boost of energy.  Feel the caffeine energize you as you can now tackle all of the items on your to-do lists.  Go to work excited and accomplish all of your tasks, get your kids ready for school in record-speed time, and all with a smile on your face!

Try the ice coffee packets that you can easily put into your water while you’re on-the-go!  These delicious boosts of caffeinated energy that you can easily keep with you and use when you need a pick-me-up.  Try the blonde roast coffee if you like a lighter brew coffee but with just as much caffeine.  Or try the delicious mochas, lattes or blended Frappuccino drinks for some extra sweetness!

starbucks frappuccino-energy

Have these tasty drinks in the morning, afternoon and evening to satisfy your sugar cravings and give you that boost of energy.  Don’t have time for an afternoon nap?  Just have a cup of coffee or latte and continue on with your day!  And on those really hot summer days, cool off with an iced tea or cold brew iced coffee.

So, the next time you wake up tired and are dreading all of the things you have to do that day, just grab your Starbucks coffee and you’ll have all the energy you need.  Get free samples of your favorite Starbucks drinks today!


Shopping Online vs. In-Store

Everybody loves shopping!  Shopping is made simple nowadays with apps that you can shop from on your phone, tablet or website online. You hardly need to go in to the store anymore.  But still, there are malls and retail stores all over.  So, what’s the real difference between online shopping and in-store?

When you shop in-store, you can see the clothes you want to buy.  You can try them on, see how the clothes look on you, the color, the material, the actual sensation.  You can try on different sizes or colors of the same item, and then decide on an entirely different piece of clothing.  When you enter in a store, you are usually greeted immediately by a friendly, smiling employee.  If you need help finding something, they are usually right there to help you.  Furthermore, when shopping in-store, you don’t have to wait for the item to be shipped to you—you can take that item home with you right there and then. 

shopping store

However, online shopping is very different, but can be more convenient for some people.  You can shop online at all hours of the day, not just when the store is open.  You can compare item prices from other stores, save items to a wish list, and see recommended items that you might not easily find in a store without walking around for hours.  Shopping online is also preferable sometimes because products aren’t usually out of stock.  While a store might have run out of a product, you can find that item online and have that sent to you. Especially nowadays where the deliver times have been reduced to just a few days. 

So, while both shopping online and in-store have their perks, any gift card that you have will work at both places!  If you prefer to try your clothes on in-store or buy them online at any hour of the day, you can always use your gift card either way!

shopping-kohls store


The Power of the Gift Card

It’s that time of year again—a friend or family member’s birthday, or the holidays where you have to get everyone and their mother a gift.  It can be difficult to figure out what to get everyone, and you shouldn’t just give the same gift to each person.

Sometimes, as we get older, it can be challenging to figure out what to give people as a gift.  We’ve even given our close family members all the usual gifts.  You’ve given your mom the usual nice jewelry and pictures, or your dad the beautiful ties and wallet.  Furthermore, you’ve given—and received—sweaters, clothing, jewelry and items that never get worn or used, even though you thought they would like it.  But after a while, it becomes difficult to figure out what to get someone as a gift, whether it’s for their birthday or a holiday.

nike gift card


That’s why a gift card is perfect!  It shows that you know the person you are giving it to—you can personalize the gift by choosing a store that you know they love.  If your friend loves shopping at a certain store, maybe it’s Walmart, Nike, Amazon, Kohl’s or others, you’ll show that you know that person well by giving them a gift card to a store they love.  Similarly, it’s also great when other people give you a gift card to a store you love, instead of a gift that you might not like or use.  Now you can go shop at your favorite place and buy your own items that you know you will use.

So, when the holidays or birthdays roll around, get your mom, dad, siblings or friends a gift card to a store they love.  It takes all the stress away from picking out the perfect gift.  And you know they’ll actually use the gift card on products they’ll enjoy, and they’ll love that they can shop at their favorite places.

Kohl's gift card

People Love Shopping at Night!

You spend your day at work, running around with your kids, cooking dinner for yourself and family—it’s exhausting.  When do you have time for just yourself?  When you go shopping, it’s usually for something for your kids: back to school items, new clothes, sports outfits, birthday presents; you hardly have time to go shopping for just yourself.  There just isn’t that much time anymore to spend a few hours wandering around the mall trying on clothes and shoes at multiple stores.

Imagine: you’ve just put your kids down for bed, you can finally relax, and you hop on your computer and can easily shop for yourself right from there!  And after such a long, exhausting or stressful day, you deserve a new pair of shoes or a new outfit.  You can easily order anything you want online or from your phone, on sites like Walmart or Amazon.  Spend your evening relaxing and looking at your wish-lists or items that you want to buy right now.  

online shopping

And one of the best things about shopping online in the evenings is that it frees up your time during the day for more activities for you and your family.  Instead of having to run around to go shopping, or stop at the store to pick something up, you can order it online and have it delivered right to your house.  So, if you know that your kid has a birthday party to go to next weekend, go online to Walmart and buy a gift so that you don’t have to spend time at the store picking one out!

It’s also a great way to wind down and relax in the evenings.  Browse on Amazon through your favorite clothes, shoes, music, wish-list items and more, and you can easily order anything.  You can shop online at Walmart for products and items for yourself or kids.  Order groceries or home service products, get your back-to-school items or your kid’s clothes shipped right to your door.

Spend your evenings being productive and relaxing, shopping for essential items for yourself and family right from your home.  You’ll have more time during the day to spend doing fun activities, and evenings spent browsing through your favorite items on your wish list.   

Why Starbucks is the #1 Coffee Brand

For most people, coffee is an essential item of their morning, and sometimes, their entire day.  People routinely stop by their favorite nearby coffee shop for their usual morning coffee, and perhaps a sandwich or a bagel.  And there are so many coffee shops to choose from…  Yet, one particular coffee shop brand has become the go-to option for millions of people around the globe.  And that brand is no other than Starbucks.  But what made Starbucks so popular to become the global brand that it is today?

Well, usually when people order their coffee, they’re not just ordering a cup of coffee.  It’s the experience; the ambiance of the store; the consistent product quality; and the customer service, which in many cases is an essential element of choosing a coffee shop over others.  Being greeted by a friendly, smiling face can unquestionably make someone’s day.

Starbucks has always focused on their stores’ atmosphere, knowing that customers come to relax, meet up with friends, or look for a place to work or study.  They were one of the first coffee shops to provide free WiFi, and plenty of outlets for customers to charge their electronic devices.  Its calming atmosphere, its selection of soothing contemporary music, its quality of products, its flexibility to adhere to customers’ needs, and its friendly staff, are all the right ingredients that make Starbucks’ recipe so successful.

man reading with starbucks coffee

Starbucks is also famous for their delicious hot and cold drinks for both kids and adults. Their seasonal items get people waiting all year to have them again.  For example, the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” is one of customers’ favorite coffee drinks, one they eagerly wait to drink during the fall season.  The company always creates new flavors to its menu, keeping it fresh and allowing people to discover their favorite drink every season. 

Another fact that distinguishes Starbucks is its delicious pastries, breakfast sandwiches and to-go items.  Customers who have a sweet-tooth craving can satisfy their appetite with a warm double chocolate brownie, or a blueberry muffin, or an amazing Madeline cookies! The variety of pastry and breakfast items is not great, but it covers most people’s needs.

Keeping their recipe of success consistent throughout the entire world, is perhaps the secret of why Starbucks  is undoubtedly the most well-know coffee brand in the world, and why it continues to grow.  If you are one of the millions of happy customers, or a Starbucks aficionado, you can try a variety of different drinks from Starbucks with this limited free samples offer.

starbucks coffee

The Amazing World of Amazon

The world is at your fingertips, literally—anything you could want is just a touch of a button away on Amazon.  As the largest internet retailer in the world they offer a wide variety of products, and ship all over the world.  You can browse new or used products, return or exchange products, and even rent books, movies, and music.  With an easy-to-use website and app, Amazon makes your shopping easy and fast with the click of a button.

Whatever you need to buy—for yourself, your kids, your family, your loved ones—you can find it on Amazon.  With over 40 different departments to shop from, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.  Browse departments like appliances, games, car parts, baby products, books, beauty products, cell phones, clothing for your whole family, groceries, health products, house products, business products, music, movies and so much more!

Try the amazing new Amazon Fresh service where you can shop and buy your groceries and have them delivered right to your door.  Choose from organic and all-natural products, fresh fruits and vegetables, health and beauty products and more.

You can even browse through their Home Services department with handpicked professionals with guaranteed satisfactory services for home improvements and repairs, cleaning, plumbing and more.

Additionally, you can also create and share wish lists, save items for later, and create grocery lists and registries.  Browse through recommended items and similar products that are frequently bought together.

Sign up for Amazon Prime or their free trial and you can get fast free shipping on over 50 million items. Choose free two-hour delivery, same day delivery or two-day delivery, and stream movies TV shows and music from any device.

Amazon makes shopping fast and easy for you online and from their app. Whether you need something that day, need to browse products for another day or make a list, Amazon offers millions of items for everything you could want.