What Would You Do With $150,000??

What would you do if you won $150,000?  You can buy anything that you want, for yourself or your friends and family too!  Your life could change completely with winning $150,000, and here are some ideas of what to spend your money on.

You can put your money towards buying a new house!  Whether it’s a new house, condominium or apartment, you can put some money towards it and the mortgage.  Or, you can pay off a mortgage that you currently have.  You can also put your money towards redoing your home.  Decorate your home, redo your backyard and put in a pool or hot tub, or even install a home movie theatre!


Similarly, you can buy a new car.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to drive a Porsche, or a new pickup truck, well now you can! You can even buy a car for your kids for when they start driving, or buy an RV and take road trips with your family across the country!

You can also use your money to pay off loans that you might have.  Pay off a mortgage, loans or credit card debt.

Furthermore, you can buy an entire new wardrobe for yourself and your family.  This is great because you’ll still have plenty of money left over to spend on other items too.  You can get some new clothes, shoes, and accessories to match with your newly decorated house or car!  Or perhaps give some of your money to your parents or family to help them pay off any loans or debt that they might have.

And put some of your money towards a new vacation!  Do you have a place that you’ve always wanted to go on a vacation to? Like the Bahamas or Europe?  Well, now is that time!

You have so much that you can spend $150,000 on if you win, so start thinking about it today and planning for your future!