It’s Dinner Time!

Groceries can be expensive.  Especially when you want to have a dinner party or cook a nice meal.  Luckily, if you win $250, you can buy delicious food to make an amazing meal!  Here are some fun ideas of what you can make for a fancy dinner!

Let’s say you are throwing a dinner party for 5 or so friends.  What can you cook that everyone will love?  Well, you’ll need a few different courses for dinner.  For appetizers, keep it light.  You don’t want your guests filling up on appetizers and snacks before the actual meal!  You can try a cheese plate with crackers, or some small finger-foods that won’t be too filling.  The appetizer is also a great time to start with some drinks.  Are you going to serve wine or other drinks?  You should decide what kind of drink will go with your meal.


Once you are ready to start the actual dinner, let’s start off with a salad or soup.  If it’s winter, soup might be a great idea.  Salads work all year around, but especially in the spring and summer a salad feels light and healthy. Just as well, if you have any bread or rolls, now is a great time to bring those out!

For your main dishes, decide if you want a carb like pasta or potatoes, and if you want a meat dish like chicken, steak or fish.  Also, choose some side dishes to go along with those, like grilled vegetables.

Lastly, decide what kind of dessert you are going to make.  Cake, brownies, ice cream, cookies, pie or fresh fruit are just some of your many options!  Don’t forget to have some time in between the main meal and dessert, otherwise they won’t be hungry!

Throwing a dinner party for your friends or family is a lot of fun.  So, don’t worry about the cost of groceries for a dinner like this, just plan out what you’re going to cook after you win!