Get Some New Electronics in Your Life

Technology changes and gets more advanced in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately, it also gets more expensive.  But with a $5000 gift card to shop at Walmart, you can get brand-new electronics with the best technology!

Imagine having a fancy, new 60-inch screen TV in your bedroom and living room.  It’s got the brightest screen with the best visuals.  These TVs, like the new Samsung Smart LED TV or the VIZIO HD Smart TV, have beautiful, wide screens with a lot of pixels so they have the best resolution.  Watch all your favorite shows, movies and games on a flat screen or a new curved screen.  You can even put a new TV in every room in your house and get surround sound speakers for an even better TV-watching experience!  


You can also get a new laptop, cellphone and camera!  Choose between Apple laptops or Chromebook laptops, Touchscreen laptops or Gaming laptops.  Furthermore, you can buy a new camera to take beautiful pictures with!  Take it on vacation with you or just practice your photography skills!  Choose from new digital cameras like a Canon or Nikon, and don’t forget to buy a printer with it so you can print out your favorite images in no time.

Lastly, if you love music, you can get new wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music anywhere!  Or perhaps the new professional noise-cancelling headphones so you can hear every beat of your music and nothing else!

At Walmart, you have so many options to choose from for all of your electronics.  Stock up on items for every bedroom, and for yourself and your family.  Get a new television, speakers, cameras, laptops and more!  With this $5000 shopping spree at Walmart, you can get all the best and newest electronics.  You’ll have the fastest speed, the brightest and most beautiful visuals and the best sound.


Cheer on Your Favorite Sports Team in Style!

Do you love sports?  Watching it, playing it, cheering on your favorite teams!  Baseball, football, basketball and soccer—who’s your favorite team?  You’re a dedicated and loyal fan to your team, and you wake up early to catch every game on TV or go to the stadium and cheer your team on from the sidelines.  You stay up to date on game scores, schedules and player statistics, both during the season and off-season.  And that’s why you need Nike to supply you with all of the best fan gear like t-shirts, hats and more for your favorite teams!

We’re right in the middle of baseball season, who’s your favorite team?  Is it the Houston Astros?  The Texas Rangers?  The Los Angeles Dodgers?  With 162 games in the regular season, you will need some fan gear to keep up with all the games.  At Nike, you can get your favorite team jerseys, or t-shirts and matching hats.  Wear these on game days, or any day that you want to represent your team.


Similarly, it’s almost football season, and the fantasy football drafts are starting.  Who’s your favorite football team—for college and the NFL?  The Dallas Cowboys?  The Atlanta Falcons?  The Philadelphia Eagles?  The Green Bay Packers?  Stay up to date with the Nike+ app for all the statistics on the best players and their tips.  Get your favorite team jerseys, jackets, hats, pants and more.  Get a professional NFL jersey for your team with your favorite player’s name on it!

So, shop Nike and get your fan gear for your favorite sports team for college and professional football, baseball and soccer.  Now you can watch your team play while wearing a matching jersey with your favorite player!  Wear head to toe fan gear from Nike for every game so you can cheer your team on in style!


The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S8

Your life is filled with technology.  Cellphones, computers, televisions, everything is digital and technological.  But you can connect and talk with your friends and family at such a fast speed, all from your phone or computer.  Keep up to date on everyone’s lives and adventures, and post pictures and status updates of your life.  And it’s so easy to do all of this right from your phone.  And that’s why you need the phone with the fastest speed, brightest screen, camera and visuals: the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has the biggest display screen so that you can watch your favorite videos, face time your friends and family, and scroll through your favorite websites with the best visuals.  Check out your favorite shows on Netflix and watch them in HD with the best graphics.  Or browse the top entertainment or sports websites like TMZ or ESPN to keep up on the latest news.


Not only can you keep up with your favorite shows and news on the brightest and biggest screens, but you’ll do it with the fastest speed.  The Samsung S8 also lets you use two apps at once, like watching a video and texting your friends at the same time.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to take the best pictures with the highest quality that will make your social media even better.  Take beautiful pictures in low light, and the front-facing camera has enhanced features so you can take the best selfies.  Post amazing pictures to your profiles that will stun your friends!  With the crystal clear amazing camera and fantastic effects, you’ll have the best pictures.

So, get the Samsung Galaxy S8 today so you can keep up with your social media, friends, and family.  You’ll have faster speed, a bigger and brighter display screen, and the most amazing camera.


Wake Up Energized with Starbucks

Sleep.  The all-important sleep that seems to get away from us too often.  We go to sleep too late, wake up too early, and we just miss the sleep we need.  We wake up tired, exhausted and cranky.  Then we have to get ready for work, school, and maybe get our kids ready for school which is nearly impossible sometimes.  But fear not, Starbucks is here to save the day and perk you up with some energy that you desperately need!

Make your mornings easier with some much-needed coffee from Starbucks.  Try their espresso shots or espresso dark roast coffee for a wonderful boost of energy.  Feel the caffeine energize you as you can now tackle all of the items on your to-do lists.  Go to work excited and accomplish all of your tasks, get your kids ready for school in record-speed time, and all with a smile on your face!

Try the ice coffee packets that you can easily put into your water while you’re on-the-go!  These delicious boosts of caffeinated energy that you can easily keep with you and use when you need a pick-me-up.  Try the blonde roast coffee if you like a lighter brew coffee but with just as much caffeine.  Or try the delicious mochas, lattes or blended Frappuccino drinks for some extra sweetness!

starbucks frappuccino-energy

Have these tasty drinks in the morning, afternoon and evening to satisfy your sugar cravings and give you that boost of energy.  Don’t have time for an afternoon nap?  Just have a cup of coffee or latte and continue on with your day!  And on those really hot summer days, cool off with an iced tea or cold brew iced coffee.

So, the next time you wake up tired and are dreading all of the things you have to do that day, just grab your Starbucks coffee and you’ll have all the energy you need.  Get free samples of your favorite Starbucks drinks today!


Amazon’s Home Services

Imagine you just bought a new TV or furniture.  It comes in a big box, and you look at the instructions to put it together, and it seems like it’s going to take a while.  There are a ton of different pieces and it just looks complicated and time consuming.  Luckily, Amazon has a Home Services department to help you out!

So, instead of trying to set up your new furniture or TV by yourself, go online to Amazon’s Home Services department and you can hire a handyman to come to your house and set it all up for you!  Whether it’s a new desk, couch, patio furniture, dresser, treadmill, bed or TV stand, they’ll put it together for you in no time!  This way, you can sit back and relax and not stress about assembling something complicated!


Amazon also has other services like house cleaning!  If you’re moving or just want to have someone come over and deep clean your house, you can hire a house cleaning crew!  Read reviews and choose the person you want, all handpicked professionals with guaranteed satisfactory service near you!

Furthermore, you can hire someone for all your yard and outdoor activities.  If you don’t want to mow the lawn or garden, just hire someone for that.  Or if you need to hire a plumber, or have any electrical and wiring work done, there’s someone for that!

And with a $1000 Amazon shopping spree, you can buy a new TV and furniture and hire someone to set it all up for you!  Or hire people to do all of your chores and errands that need to be done around the house!  Easy to schedule and with high-rated professionals handpicked by Amazon, you can get all of your home services done for you.


Get a Home Makeover Today!

What would you do if you won a $150,000 home makeover?  How would you decorate your home with all of your new money?

Well, the first step would be to pick which room you would want to start with.  You can easily decorate all of the rooms in your home—the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  You might even have some money left over to redo your backyard and patio!

Spruce up your living room with some new comfortable couches, maybe even the reclining ones with a foot rest and cup holders!  Get a matching coffee table with fun decorations on it to add some color to your room.  Then you can get a nice TV stand or cabinet with places to put all your DVDs and video games while the huge new TV you get will sit right on top!


Then move on to the kitchen and get some fancy new appliances.  Matching plates and cups, a new coffee maker, toaster and microwave.  You could even redo the cabinets and countertops to a beautiful marble or granite.  And you can paint the kitchen and living room bright and beautiful colors to match all the new furniture!

Furthermore, in your bedroom you can get a new, big bed.  Get a comfortable mattress, a ton of pillows, and some soft blankets.  You can get a new dresser or table to go with your new bed, and maybe even a fuzzy rug for the floor!  And don’t forget some art to hang on the walls!

And lastly, decorate your bathroom with some new shower curtains or maybe paint the walls a fun color!  Get some new soap dispenser and colorful towels to match!

With $150,000 for an amazing home makeover, you’ll be able to redecorate your entire house just the way you imagine it!


Get a New Wardrobe!

It’s almost the new Fall season, which means Summer is coming to an end.  But what that means for you is—SALE!  With Fall on its way, you’ll need some warmer clothes and outfits, but you can also stock up on all the Summer items that will now be on sale!

Get the summer essentials that will be going on sale to make room for the new Fall items.  You can get a new pair of sandals or stock up on your shorts and t-shirts.  You can still wear these once it starts to get a little cooler outside.

And now it’s time to get your Fall wardrobe ready!  You can get new sweaters and jackets for colder weather as well as some lighter jackets for when there’s still some warmth in the air.  Get some long sleeve shirts, both nice and casual, and in a variety of colors!


Furthermore, stock up on your new pants and jeans for this season.  You’ll need some durable and strong jeans, as well as some nicer pants for those special occasions.  Of course, a matching belt to go with your new pants, is essential.

And let’s not forget any scarves, gloves or hats to go with your outfits!  Get some different colored scarves to match different jackets or shirts that you have, and some gloves and hats that will match that as well.

Lastly, you’ll need some new shoes to finish off your new wardrobe.  Get some shoes for those comfortable moments, as well as for working out, going to work, and for fancier, special occasions.

So, head to Kohl’s and save on all those Summer items that are now on sale, and check out all the new clothes for Fall.  You’ll have a fantastic new wardrobe and you’ll save money on all your items!



Is Cash Still King?

Money, money, money!  Everybody loves money.  Spending it, saving it, receiving it.  You work at your job to make money so that you can buy the things you want.  But free money is the best kind of money, right?

Cash is one of the best gifts to give and receive.  You can take cash anywhere, and spend it on anything.  Maybe you need to buy some new clothes or shoes, or groceries.  Or you can spend your cash on all three things, and more!  Cash is perfect because it doesn’t limit you to just one store. You can spend your cash at multiple stores and on any items that you want.

Now, imagine winning $500 cash.  What would you spend it on?  Would you pay a bill or would you buy a new item that you’ve wanted for so long?  Would you save it for a rainy day or put it towards a vacation?  All of these ideas and more are possible.  Cash is so much easier to use at any store or place.


Furthermore, cash makes a great gift.  If you don’t really know the person, or you don’t know what to get them or what they enjoy, giving cash is the perfect solution.  And cash is a great gift to ask for as well for a present.  To avoid people giving you a gift that you might not like or use, or a gift card to a store that you don’t shop at, cash is the better present.  It gives you the flexibility to spend it at a store, a restaurant, a bar, at a farmers’ market, or at a convenient shop.  Whatever you decide to spend your cash on will be a great purchase.


Shopping Online vs. In-Store

Everybody loves shopping!  Shopping is made simple nowadays with apps that you can shop from on your phone, tablet or website online. You hardly need to go in to the store anymore.  But still, there are malls and retail stores all over.  So, what’s the real difference between online shopping and in-store?

When you shop in-store, you can see the clothes you want to buy.  You can try them on, see how the clothes look on you, the color, the material, the actual sensation.  You can try on different sizes or colors of the same item, and then decide on an entirely different piece of clothing.  When you enter in a store, you are usually greeted immediately by a friendly, smiling employee.  If you need help finding something, they are usually right there to help you.  Furthermore, when shopping in-store, you don’t have to wait for the item to be shipped to you—you can take that item home with you right there and then. 

shopping store

However, online shopping is very different, but can be more convenient for some people.  You can shop online at all hours of the day, not just when the store is open.  You can compare item prices from other stores, save items to a wish list, and see recommended items that you might not easily find in a store without walking around for hours.  Shopping online is also preferable sometimes because products aren’t usually out of stock.  While a store might have run out of a product, you can find that item online and have that sent to you. Especially nowadays where the deliver times have been reduced to just a few days. 

So, while both shopping online and in-store have their perks, any gift card that you have will work at both places!  If you prefer to try your clothes on in-store or buy them online at any hour of the day, you can always use your gift card either way!

shopping-kohls store


Why People Love Fast Cars

Imagine pulling up somewhere in a new car.  Your favorite car, your dream car… and you’re now driving it.  Breathe in the new car smell, the clean leather, the smooth ride.  You get out of your new car and see people glancing your way, checking out your new, beautiful car.  Envious and jealous, they wish they had your luck.

Sometimes, people see their car as an extension of themselves.  They take care of it, wash it, clean it, make sure it’s always tuned up and running smoothly.  So, it makes sense that you want your car to look nice since it represents you.  People can see the care and attention you put into your car, and appreciate your amazing taste. 

dream car mercedes

Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, and Bentley are some of the amazing brands that your new car could be.  It’s exhilarating, going fast out on the road.  Feeling the car hum and the engine road as you speed along the road; it’s thrilling!  It’s empowering, fun, bold, loud and dangerous. 

dream car ferrari

Why settle for a normal car, when your dream car is calling you to drive it?  So, answer its call, and chase your dreams, in your favorite car!

win dream car