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I love Walmart! Ok, I know, that sounds cheesy, but I really do. This morning I was poking around on Amazon, trying to be more “modern,” and got to thinking about how much I miss my beloved Walmart shopping trips! That’s my special time to be alone and forget about the big world outside…I call it my “me-time.” With that in mind, we searched high and low and came up with this exciting chance for you to win a Walmart Gift Card!!

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Is the New iPhone X the Best iPhone Yet?

On September 12th, 2017, Apple announced the one-of-a-kind new iPhone X.  With new technology, enhanced features and exquisite design, this new phone rivals all the other iPhones.  So, what is so great about the new iPhone X that it’s better than all the phones before it?

Let’s start with the display.  There is an edge-to-edge display screen, 5.8 inches of dazzling screen that fills the front of the phone.  It follows the curved edges of the phone for an elegant design, with bright and vibrant colors and increased brightness.  All your pictures, videos and shows will look exceptional with the beautiful colors.

Also, the technology in the new iPhone X is sophisticated and better than all the other iPhones.  You can unlock your phone with Facial Recognition, and you can use your Face ID to pay with Apple Pay.

The cameras on this new phone are magnificent.  If you want to take a selfie, you can blur the background and have a sharper and clearer portrait image.  Furthermore, the front and rear cameras have depth-sensing and enhanced lighting and effects for even better picture quality.

iphone x

With faster technology, you can multitask on different apps with even faster speed.  The battery lasts longer, and it even has wireless charging.  Get the AirPower charging mat and place your new iPhone X on the mat to charge.

Lastly, the iPhone X has the strongest glass screen out of all the other iPhones.  No more dropping your phone once and the screen cracks. The phone is also made of stainless-steel and is water resistant.

So, the new Apple iPhone X has better, faster, more enhanced technology than all the other iPhones before it.  Brighter visuals and colors, facial recognition and an exceptional camera make this phone an essential item that will enhance your life.  Pre-order it today, or enter to win it for FREE here!  Don’t wait in line or worry about cost, just play to win it now!


She Deserves a Shopping Spree!

We all can see how hard the woman in our life works.  Whether it’s your wife and mother of your children, or your mom, aunt or woman in your life, she needs a break.  She deserves a shopping spree, to be pampered, and taken out for a relaxing time.  She deserves a break from working, cooking, cleaning and everything else that needs to be done around the house.  So, win $5000 and treat her to a huge shopping spree!

Every woman needs a new purse to keep her life stored in.  A purse is one of the most valuable things a woman can carry, and she usually always has everything she could need in it.  She’ll keep things for her kids like snacks, toys, tissues and more.  Or, she’ll keep important paperwork and files in her purse for her stressful job.  Either way, she needs a purse that she can fit everything in, is easy to carry, comfortable, and looks fashionable and great.  Buy her a brand-name purse that she will love, like Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and more!  She’ll love being able to fit everything she needs in her new purse!


Similarly, get some new shoes to match that purse!  Maybe she needs some new comfortable shoes, or cute new heels, but a woman can never have too many shoes!  Furthermore, get some matching jewelry to go with it to make her feel beautiful!  She will love wearing new gorgeous earrings, necklaces or bracelets that you got her.  And don’t forget some amazing new designer clothes as well to make her feel special!

So, ladies—whether this shopping spree is for yourself, or men—whether this shopping spree is for the woman in your life, get a new wardrobe and more to de-stress from all that hard work!  Take advantage of this $5000 luxury designer shopping spree that you deserve!





It’s Dinner Time!

Groceries can be expensive.  Especially when you want to have a dinner party or cook a nice meal.  Luckily, if you win $250, you can buy delicious food to make an amazing meal!  Here are some fun ideas of what you can make for a fancy dinner!

Let’s say you are throwing a dinner party for 5 or so friends.  What can you cook that everyone will love?  Well, you’ll need a few different courses for dinner.  For appetizers, keep it light.  You don’t want your guests filling up on appetizers and snacks before the actual meal!  You can try a cheese plate with crackers, or some small finger-foods that won’t be too filling.  The appetizer is also a great time to start with some drinks.  Are you going to serve wine or other drinks?  You should decide what kind of drink will go with your meal.


Once you are ready to start the actual dinner, let’s start off with a salad or soup.  If it’s winter, soup might be a great idea.  Salads work all year around, but especially in the spring and summer a salad feels light and healthy. Just as well, if you have any bread or rolls, now is a great time to bring those out!

For your main dishes, decide if you want a carb like pasta or potatoes, and if you want a meat dish like chicken, steak or fish.  Also, choose some side dishes to go along with those, like grilled vegetables.

Lastly, decide what kind of dessert you are going to make.  Cake, brownies, ice cream, cookies, pie or fresh fruit are just some of your many options!  Don’t forget to have some time in between the main meal and dessert, otherwise they won’t be hungry!

Throwing a dinner party for your friends or family is a lot of fun.  So, don’t worry about the cost of groceries for a dinner like this, just plan out what you’re going to cook after you win!


How to Make Your Money Work for You

When you win money, you want to spend it right away.  And that’s always fun, but what if you could double, triple or even quadruple that money?  Well, you certainly can do that!  Here are some ways to make your money work for you so that you end up with more money than you first started.

First, determine your short or long-term goals.  For example, are you trying to save money for a college tuition, a vacation home, or retirement?  You can always have a checking and savings account, and put money into the savings account.  However, it’s better to have an investing account that will actually make money for you.

If you are saving for retirement, you can put money into a 401(k), which is usually offered through a company.  This money adds up so that you have a large amount for your retirement.  Similarly, an IRA (individual retirement account) allows you to make tax-deductible contributions that are saved up for your retirement.


You can also decide what you want to invest your money in.  Some of the common investments are stocks, bonds, funds and real estate.  Then, decide if you want to do your investing by yourself and self-manage your accounts online, or if you want to have an investment management company do it for you.  For those of us who understand investing and the market, it might be easier to self-manage your account.  But for the rest of us who don’t, it will be easier to hire an investment manager or financial adviser.

Investing your money and planning for the long-term can double, triple and quadruple the money that you originally put in to that account.  It’s a smart idea when planning for the future—if you want to have a retirement, or a college tuition for your kids, or pay off your mortgage one day.  You don’t have to start big when investing money, maybe just a few hundred or a thousand dollars.  But if you won $2,500, how would you invest your money so that it works for you and your future?


Take a Trip to Las Vegas!!

Have you ever wanted to go to Las Vegas?  The City of Lights!  Sin City!  Plan your vacation now because you can take a trip for two to Las Vegas!

Plan your trip now and test your luck playing poker and gambling!  Go to casinos during the day and night and spend hours playing tons of slot machines too.  Try different games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and more!  Hone your card game skills and try to win the jackpot and money wherever you can!  There are huge jackpots you could win, and smaller amounts you can also win playing card games or the slot machines!  Try all of them!

Or relax during the day at the pools with your favorite drinks and food brought right out to you!  Or spend time at the day clubs dancing to music by the pools and having a ton of fun!  Then spend your evenings at clubs, bars or fun parties dancing some more!

las vegas

And don’t forget to see a show or two while you’re there!  You can see amazing music concerts, comedy shows, magic shows and more.  And don’t miss the incredible Cirque du Soleil with breathtaking acrobatics.

Stay at an amazing hotel like Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, the Mirage, the Paris hotel and so many more!  Go shopping at the fancy stores at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace or in the Miracle Mile shopping center in Planet Hollywood.  

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, the opportunities are endless!  Parties, shopping, great food and buffets, and so much money you could win playing poker and slot machines!  Don’t miss this amazing chance to take a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada!  You might just win the jack pot and have the time of your life!

win las vegas trip

Calling All Baseball Fans!

Are you a baseball fan?  Do you love going to baseball games and cheering on your favorite team?  And let’s not forget that delicious baseball stadium food like garlic fries and hot dogs.  Do you watch every game on television and then catch the highlights on ESPN afterwards?  And do you follow the spring training and get excited every year for spring because baseball returns?  Do you wear your favorite team’s hat and matching t-shirt?  What if you won free tickets to see your team play?  Well now you can!

Imagine cheering on your favorite team at their home field!  Getting amazing seats to see the players you love and watching them win the game.  Who’s your favorite team?  Is it the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs or maybe the Kansas City Royals?  Or maybe it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers on their hot streak!  Whoever your favorite team is, you could see them play at their stadium!

baseball stadium

Furthermore, even more exciting than watching your team play is doing so while wearing a professional jersey!  Not only could you win tickets to the game, but you could also win two professional MLB jerseys of your favorite team!  And if you have a favorite player, get that jersey with their name on the back!

Sit in amazing seats to see your favorite team play while wearing your favorite player’s jersey.  Watch players hit home runs, bases stolen and amazing outfield catches.  Sing “Take me out to the ball game” during the 7th inning stretch.  And eat some of the best baseball game food there is — the garlic fries, hot dogs, churros and peanuts.

So, enter now and you could be at an MLB game of your choice!


Cash vs. Credit Card

Do you prefer to use cash or a credit card?  Is one easier to use than the other?  If you won $500 cash, would you save it or would you immediately spend it?

Sometimes, people prefer to use cash, and other times a credit card is easier, probably for bigger purchases.  However, there are some pros and cons of using cash instead of credit or debit cards.


  • With cash, there is a limit to how much you can buy, whereas a credit or debit card you can spend a lot more.
  • Cash can get bulky in your wallet and loose change can be annoying.
  • If you don’t have self-control, you can spend all of your cash very quickly.



  • You probably won’t spend as much as you would with a credit card, so using cash limits over-spending.
  • Cash is really convenient to use.  We all love those “Girl Scouts cookies” in front of stores, and cash is the easiest and quickest way to pay.
  • There’s no interest associated with a purchase.  When you put something on a credit card and don’t make a minimum monthly payment, you’ll pay interest.  But if you use cash, you pay for the entire product right there and then, so you don’t have to worry about paying it off!
  • Cash can be used as a bargaining chip sometimes to get a better deal.  At some places, if you can pay with cash instead of a credit card, you might be able to get a discount.
  • The feeling of having cash is a powerful feeling.  Yes, you have money on your debit card or can put a purchase on your credit card.  But having cash to spend on anything you want and not have to worry about paying it off is a much better feeling!

So, using cash might be better or easier than a credit card sometimes. And if you win $500 cash, you can see for yourself which is better!


Why You WANT the New iPhone 8

Why do you need a new phone?  Your phone is probably getting a bit old, out of date, slower; or maybe your phone works perfectly well and is only a few years old.  So, why do you need a new one?  Well, maybe you don’t need a new phone, but you WANT one!

On September 12th, 2017, Apple announces the brand-new iPhone 8.  Following this announcement, pre-orders for the phone begin a week after, and then the phones go on sale the week after that.

What is so great about the new iPhone 8 though?  It’ll have a screen that fills up the entire front of the device.  So, the display and visuals will be even brighter and better.  You’ll also have facial recognition, so you can lock your screen and use facial recognition to unlock it.  Pretty cool, huh?


There might also be new updates to the Apple Watch.  Now when you wear your Apple Watch to go with your new iPhone, you’ll have a more seamless connection.  You will also have an amazing 3D front and back camera for even better picture quality.  

Apple is also going to be announcing a new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus which are upgrades to the current iPhone 7.

Furthermore, the iOS 11 will be debuting with these new phones as well, so even if you don’t get the new iPhone 8 right away, you’ll still be able to have the update.  The iOS 11 has a better design, Siri improvements and more!

So, while your phone may or may not be working just fine today, you might WANT the new iPhone 8 with all of its amazing enhancements and features.  The edge-to-edge screen is beautiful, and it’s faster and easier to use.  But don’t worry about the prices for this new phone, because you could win it instead!

iphone 8

What Would You Do With $150,000??

What would you do if you won $150,000?  You can buy anything that you want, for yourself or your friends and family too!  Your life could change completely with winning $150,000, and here are some ideas of what to spend your money on.

You can put your money towards buying a new house!  Whether it’s a new house, condominium or apartment, you can put some money towards it and the mortgage.  Or, you can pay off a mortgage that you currently have.  You can also put your money towards redoing your home.  Decorate your home, redo your backyard and put in a pool or hot tub, or even install a home movie theatre!


Similarly, you can buy a new car.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to drive a Porsche, or a new pickup truck, well now you can! You can even buy a car for your kids for when they start driving, or buy an RV and take road trips with your family across the country!

You can also use your money to pay off loans that you might have.  Pay off a mortgage, loans or credit card debt.

Furthermore, you can buy an entire new wardrobe for yourself and your family.  This is great because you’ll still have plenty of money left over to spend on other items too.  You can get some new clothes, shoes, and accessories to match with your newly decorated house or car!  Or perhaps give some of your money to your parents or family to help them pay off any loans or debt that they might have.

And put some of your money towards a new vacation!  Do you have a place that you’ve always wanted to go on a vacation to? Like the Bahamas or Europe?  Well, now is that time!

You have so much that you can spend $150,000 on if you win, so start thinking about it today and planning for your future!